Feedback from customers...

Hi Kylie,

I bought a My Chart off you on Saturday  and I put it into effect as of yesterday. And it is brilliant!!!!! Not only are we not yelling at each other but she is more focused in getting ready and enjoying the responsibility of taking charge in turning her smiley faces over. We used it in the afternoons too, she cleaned her room without a problem.
Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!


Hey Kylie,

I wanted to wait a couple of days to see how our charts were received by our kidlets.....
My oh my Kylie, you are on a winner here.  You should not only promote happy kids but also happy parents.  It has made a huge impact on the kids straight away and you know what I get asked!  "mum are you proud of me" ... oh god blimey.  For them to turn over little things it is just amazing!!!!  We use it every morning and every afternoon and night.  We just use a couple at night eg brush teeth and bed.  Every morning the kids go out the door with smiles on their faces and they now have a great start to the day!!!  
Thank you so much made me a happier mum!!!


Thanks for the charts.
We started using them this morning. It's been a BIG hit.
Plus, love the wrapping paper.
Mary Ellen


We received our two charts today and my boys are quite keen to start using them.
"No more boring, photocopied chore charts now Mum!"
And, they were packaged so nicely.
Thanks Kylie


Thanks so much Kylie & My Chart!
Max LOVES his new chart and can't wait to start using it.
Kylie xo