Routine Charts or Reward Charts? It's your choice!

While some children are 'people pleasers' other children are motivated by a reward. My Chart reflects good routine and expected behaviours in our children. You can incorporate My Chart into your morning routine as motivation charts, routine charts, reminder charts, or reward charts...whatever suits your parenting style.

My Chart's routine and reward charts are a great product to use with your kids each morning as the eye catching visuals are fun and easy to understand.

My Chart is designed to allow 'choice' within boundaries while teaching children independent behaviour.

Routine and Reward charts by My Chart are made from very durable, environmentally friendly and almost indestructible material (I can't vouch for dogs and scissors!). It is versatile in its hanging, from hooks to fridge magnets to 3M wall Velcro to is also portable.

  • Individual CardsIndividual CardsIndividual CardsIndividual Cards
    Individual CardsIndividual CardsIndividual CardsIndividual Cards
    Individual CardsIndividual Cards

    Individual Cards

    The option of additional individual Visual Cards gives you the ability to tailor My Chart to better suit a routine for YOUR child.

    Interchange with Visual Cards from a My Chart set to create a workable routine.

    Extra Visual Cards also gives the added bonus of converting your morning routine chart into an afternoon routine chart, using the cards to represent 'after school activities'. 

    Multiple cards can be purchased.

    If you see a Visual Card that you require from another chart that is not listed in the Individual Visual Card options, use the My Visual Card option to purchase it and specify which Visual Card you would like in the Shipping Instructions.

     Visual Cards available are all those shown on the website ...

    My Chart for School Age
    My Chart for Daycare & Kindy
    My Chart for Your School Bag
    My Chart for Toddlers

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