Routine Charts or Reward Charts? It's your choice!

While some children are 'people pleasers' other children are motivated by a reward. My Chart reflects good routine and expected behaviours in our children. You can incorporate My Chart into your morning routine as motivation charts, routine charts, reminder charts, or reward charts...whatever suits your parenting style.

My Chart's routine and reward charts are a great product to use with your kids each morning as the eye catching visuals are fun and easy to understand.

My Chart is designed to allow 'choice' within boundaries while teaching children independent behaviour.

Routine and Reward charts by My Chart are made from very durable, environmentally friendly and almost indestructible material (I can't vouch for dogs and scissors!). It is versatile in its hanging, from hooks to fridge magnets to 3M wall Velcro to is also portable.

  • My Chart for Daycare & KindyMy Chart for Daycare & KindyMy Chart for Daycare & Kindy

    My Chart for Daycare & Kindy

    Kids Routine Charts for getting ready for Kindy or Daycare

    This age group just LOVE to do things for themselves and the first step to creating independent kids is to let them do some chores and activities for themselves...even if it drives us a little bit nutty.

    My Chart for Daycare & Kindy will motivate your pre-schooler as they can easily see what their chores and activities are for the morning, without being reminded repeatedly. You can use the Visual Cards to show some routine tasks that our budding Little Adults can complete on their own and also be rewarded with a cute smiley face. The more smiley faces you see on their chart, the more activities your child has done on their own.

    They will then be on their way to being ready for the next step ... SCHOOL!

    If you are looking for more routine charts for kids see our range below.

    All Visual Cards have a positive affirmation smiley face on the reverse side.

    Additional Individual Visual Cards are available to further tailor your child's routine chart. Click here for more details.

    See how to use for more info or watch video here

    Includes one coloured backing board plus a set of 10 Visual Cards

    Dimensions: 40cm x 27.5cm

    Postage options 

    Visual Cards represent

    • Wake up
    • Eat breakfast
    • Brush teeth
    • Get dressed
    • Brush hair
    • Put shoes on
    • Help tidy up
    • Outing (eg Nana’s house, shopping, play date etc…)
    • Kindy/Day Care bag
    • Pack lunchbox (encourage your child to be an active participant in this)

    Colours Available:
    kids chore charts different colour styles

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