How to Use My Chart

My Chart routine and reward charts for kids have been designed to be simple and easy to use, for all ages and stages.

The Visual Cards are all graphic so there are no tricky words to read.



Toilet training (or potty training) can be stressful and frustrating for parents and children, but the reward for your effort is great. My Chart for Toilet Training can be used as a daily (or hourly!) record to show your toilet training toddler how many successful trips to the toilet they have made. Set My Chart with the toilet Visual Cards and each time your child successfully uses the toilet (or potty), head to the chart for a celebration and turn a toilet Visual Card over for a smiley face. 


  • When implementing reward charts for kids: plan the reward after a certain amount of smiley faces are achieved.
  • Get all visitors on board. Show them My Chart and all the smiley faces and have them praise your child. Kids LOVE praise.
  • Once the toilet training is a little more successful, remove 5 toilet Visual Cards and only have 5 displayed. This shows your child that you are more confident in their ability to 'go when they need'. Less toilet Visual Cards = less 'accidents'. 


Toddlers are busy little people! All the routine things that happen throughout their day are essential to learning good behaviours, but it can be exhausting (and a little bit 'Groundhog Day'!) to keep repeating instructions all morning long. The My Chart for Toddlers routine and reward charts are a good tool to use with your toddler to show them all the activities coming up through their morning. Once an activity is completed you can turn the Visual Card over to show the smiley face. The smiley face can represent the end of an activity or it can show you are happy with what your toddler has achieved. 


  • Display My Chart in 'order of events' to show a true routine for the morning.
  • Use the bed Visual Card to represent sleeping in your own bed ALL night, OR waking up in a DRY bed, OR it could also show 'wake up time', time to start the day.
  • The toilet Visual Card could represent go straight to the toilet after waking up OR use further along the chart as a reminder through the morning to go to the toilet (handy for toilet training).
  • The TV Visual Card is a great card to use as a reward. For example...ask your child to help you tidy up the toys, then they can watch their favourite DVD. 
  • Alternatively, use the TV Visual Card to limit TV time and show your child when it is ok to watch their favourite DVD by putting it in a certain place on the chart. For example...after 'eating breakfast' you can have some TV time.
  • The car Visual Card is used to show an outing. Kids love visiting (maybe not so much shopping...) so use this card to show you are heading out somewhere in the morning. If they see this Visual Card on their chart, they know they will be going somewhere. 
  • The toy box Visual Card could show 'play time' and it can also be 'help tidy up'. Tidy up time isn't always the most fun, but if you show your child their chart with the toy box and explain that when playtime is over it will be time to help tidy up, they will know 'what comes next' (although My Chart will take no responsibility for monkeys who just dislike tidying up!).
  • The nap time Visual Card is a gentle reminder that at some stage in their morning, they will be having a nap.


Once your little ones are in Kindy & Daycare, life is certainly beginning to get a little crazy. Especially if you have other children heading in other directions. This is why My Chart reward charts for kids are especially handy because you have the ability to mix and match any of the visual cards to create an individual routine. Now everyone can take responsibility for themselves which will help you focus on getting the little ones ready. Routine really begins to show its importance here as there are time frames to stick to...such as arrival times for class. This is an appropriate age to start showing kids that they can be independent and do some of their morning routine tasks on their own.


  • Use the Visual Cards to display 'actual' order of the morning routine or day's activities. For example - bed (wake up) > eat breakfast > brush teeth > get dressed > put shoes on > brush hair > etc...
  • Kids are always curious about their days at kindy & daycare. "Is it my day today?" can easily be displayed on My Chart by using the kindy bag Visual Card to represent a day that your child attends kindy or daycare.
  • The sunscreen Visual Card is a handy reminder for parents to 'slip, slop, slap' as most centres have a sun safe policy. It is a positive habit to get your child into, sun protection!
  • The Car visual card will let your little one know if you are heading out for a visit, or appointment, or to the shops etc...
  • If you like to use a reward system, this is a great age to start getting kids to do a few little helpful chores around the home. The bed Visual Card can be used to show 'make your bed' or the toy box could be 'clean up the toys'.


By school age kids should be given some level of responsibility around the house to set them up for good behaviour at school. Taking care of your own belongings, following the daily school routine and independent problem solving are all great attributes that a child can possess which will help make their day a little easier. Using the My Chart for School Age routine chart as an aid in the morning helps to 'cement' routine practice. It also encourages children to take initiative and do things for themselves. They will feel a sense of pride when they see they can get themselves ready with out too much help from parents.


  • Use the bed Visual Card to show 'make your bed'. Don't criticise the bed making though, praise your child for 'having a go'. The important thing is that your child feels like they have been helpful.
  • The washing basket Visual Card is a reminder for your schoolie that they need to get their dirty washing to the laundry...especially on Friday when ALL uniforms need to be washed for the following week.
  • If you set chores for pocket money, the washing basket Visual Card could represent 'fold washing' OR 'put washing away'.
  • The bedroom Visual Card is to represent 'clean your room'. This could also be used in conjunction with a reward. For example "You can go on the trampoline once you have tidied your room". You could also use the homework Visual Card in a similar way.
  • The homework Visual Card is also a reminder to check that all homework is completed OR packed in their school bag.


There is always so many things to remember to pack in a school bag. It is also good for a child to learn how to pack their own school bag so they have a sense of responsibility for their belongings and they also know what is in their bag each day. Use the My Chart for your School Bag Visual Cards each day to show what needs to be packed, so your child is ready for their day at school. By using My Chart as a reward chart for kids who struggle getting ready for school, you can create an easy and fun method of accomplishing goals and this, in turn, creates confidence and promotes independence. 


  • Hang My Chart for your School Bag in a convenient area close to where your child actually packs their bag. This helps make it a routine activity by doing the same thing in the same spot. 
  • Use the notes Visual Card as a reminder for notes that need to be signed or returned to school.
  • This chart can be used in the afternoon too when unpacking a bag. Did your child remember to bring everything home? Is there homework to complete? Do they have music practice? etc...

Please contact us with any other great tips you have for using My Chart.

With My Chart you will be able to create fun and effective routine and reward charts for kids, whether they are getting ready for school, kindy, or even transitioning from nappies.

My Chart is lightweight, versatile, environmentally friendly and can be hung using wall hooks, wall Velcro, strong fridge/whiteboard magnets & Blutack. The backing boards have specifically been designed with hook holes cut in each top corner for ease of hanging. Cleaning My Chart is easily done with warm water and a soft cloth. 

 Before your first use, please be sure to pop hooks outwards to ensure proper hanging of Visual Cards.