What is MY "Parenting Style" you ask?

Kylie West - Saturday, September 14, 2013
On my website I advocate that My Chart is 'designed to suit all parenting styles'...

...yes, it now seems we have 'styles' of parenting. What you believe is best for your kids will lead to your style of raising them.

Just to show I do cook! 

I call my style a 'Quasi 80's Parenting Style'...

Why quasi? ... because my parenting is a mix of what I believe to be great methods from my childhood (yep, I am an 80's kid!) and some other bits and pieces I have learnt from having my kids in the new millenium where we have waaayyyy too much access to information about parenting!

I'll break it down for you: (try and read that without thinking of MC Hammer!...)

  • Kids should be kids and play outside without needing me there 24/7. That's why I had two kids, so they had an inbuilt playmate who is not me!
  • Kids being kids and playing inside without needing me to instigate the game, set up the game, monitor the rules of the game, PLAY the game...GAH!! I need a drink just typing this!
  • Enabling my kids to resolve issues themselves. Ok, sometimes this involves a bit of fisty cuffs (usually my little girl hitting my BIG boy!) but unless someone is dying, I don't need to know about it!
  • Standing on my front porch yelling for my children.
  • Serving cereal for dinner sometimes. And yes, Vegemite and cheese is the lunch of champions!
  • Allowing myself to show that I am annoyed by my children. I love them with all my heart, but why do I have to pretend they don't annoy me when at times they really do?!?
  • Not allowing my children to interrupt a conversation I am having with another adult (again, unless someone is dying, I don't want to know about it!)
Some of my New Millenium Parenting involves:

  • Listening to my children (when I am not conversing with another adult!) and encouraging them to have an INFORMED opinion.
  • Being a parent first and then maybe a friend second.
  • Allowing my children choices within boundaries (like helping to choose a family holiday destination. Although Hawaii is lovely it is not in the budget. How about we drive to Noosa for the day and dip our toes in the ocean?) See? Choice and boundaries...they have a choice, but I set the boundaries =D
  • Admitting I don't know everything and totally encouraging Google as the 'go to' tool for any questions I can't answer (and then telling them to come back and tell me so I know the answer!)
  • Using Skype to encourage the relationship between kiddies and Grandies.
  • Telling my kids via iMessage that it is bedtime!
See? We all have a style. My style is not your style, but we are all achieving the same end result...parenting our kids the best way we know how. It isn't a race, and we shouldn't compare (although we all TOTALLY do!) nor should we take ourselves too seriously. Do what you believe is right and no justification is necessary. 

It is like I say to my Preppies when one is upset that another thinks their painting, drawing or creation is 'silly' ... "That is their opinion. As long as you're happy with what you have done, then it doesn't matter what others think"

Righto, I am off to feed the kids.

Weetbix or Cheerios?? Can't remember what I served last week!

Kylie x
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