Reward or No Reward? Hmmm...

Kylie West - Saturday, August 10, 2013
I nickname myself 'Mean Mummy'...
I mean, I am sure my kids probably call me that under their breath and behind my back, but at least I already know it! 

I am mean because I don't do rewards. I am not against rewards for kids AT ALL. In fact I totally see the benefits of rewarding children especially in a school setting. Something as simple as the promise of a sticker can produce great results.

But you sell Reward Charts? I hear you wonder... I do, sort of! My Chart was developed in my house as a routine reminder for my fairy who struggles to choose what colour underwear to wear because "they're all so pretty". But the more I was developing my product, the more I realised it had to be versatile and not rigid in its format. Many charts I found while googling were very set in their methods, and mostly based on rewards (well, stickers really...another thing I despise, along with balloons BUT that is a topic for another blog!)

So the concept of My Chart was refined to include many facets like behaviour (you CAN do it), routine (boring...but necessary, even at age 5!) versatility (reward chart, routine chart, chore chart, do-your-jobs-in-whatever-order-you-want-as -long-as -you-are-ready-by-the-time-I-leave chart...) and mostly creating a method of achieving all of those facets that is fun, visual and interactive for the kids. We need them to be engaged.

How you go about achieving all of these things is up to you and your style of parenting. I have probably chosen a hard road by going with sheer determination and stubborness (or stupidity!) not to reward all the time, but that is how I operate.

Maybe my kids will thank me one day....hopefully with a reward!! 

Do you reward or are you Mean Mummy? 

Kylie x
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