OMG! Where did you come from???

Kylie West - Monday, November 18, 2013
Do you ever find yourself questioning the origins of your children???

...not sure why Moo gets to be queen???

Yes, yes, I know where they come from, but what about all the other weird and quirky personality traits they have? Where did they inherit those from? (I generally blame Hubby!)

Mr Pre-Teen hails from the planet of OCD and over the years we have had many a challenging ‘parental’ time (and when I say we, I usually mean ME as Hubby commutes to another state for work!)

He needed 5 minute warnings all over the place (and really, what mother EVER sticks to the 5 minutes? It took me longer than that to say goodbye!)

 “5 more minutes, and we are leaving"
 “You have 5 minutes to pack away all your toys"
“5 minutes until teeth time"
”I have 5 minutes of sanity left!!!”

 You could never ‘spring’ a spontaneous moment on him. I would make Term time calendars, school holiday calendars, holiday itinerary calendars with every day filled with some activity so he knew what we were doing. He would even wear the exact same kindy clothes on certain days each week. 

Red shorts + red shirt = Monday
Blue shorts + blue shirt = Tuesday 
Mix them up at your own peril! I think I almost felt the earth fall off its axis one morning!

Thankfully, I LOVE his OCD now. He is organised, never forgets anything and his room is always neat! Although, I still have to shout the 5 minute teeth brushing warning down the hall every night!

 Moo though, I think she snuck into our house through a fairy door that I have been unable to locate. My Chart began all because I would find Moo drawing instead of getting ready for school. I would send her to her room for her uniform and find her down in the playroom building a Lego house for the lady beetle she found in the front yard…when did she even go out the front???

Thankfully My Chart has improved her ‘getting ready’ skills. Only she does it on Moo time, not Planet Earth time, but somehow we still make it out the door by 8.20am each morning. Moo doesn’t care much for being hurried, she will get ready when she is ready thanks.

I do know where both my kids came from, a little from Column A and a little from Column B … and they balance each other out. Mr Pre-Teen can teach Moo how to be organised and Moo can teach Mr Pre-Teen how to chill out….

Sigh!! if that will ever happen!

Love and nurture your kiddies as they are, and allow them to teach you a couple of things.

We don't know 
everything, but they don't need to know that! ;)

 Kylie x


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