New Year...New Challenges

Kylie West - Monday, March 24, 2014

Remember when your kids were in their first few years of developing (or maybe you are there now) and you would hear yourself say “oh, its just a ‘phase’ they will grow out of” and thinking that saying that ‘phase’ would be a ‘phase’ you would grow out of…well it never happens. There is always a ‘phase’!

We have My Chart down pat in our house now. Moo now breezes through her morning routine (once I actually get her out of bed!) and is ready and waiting when I say “lets go”. But there is one ‘phase’ that could still potentially start World War III here…doing her own hair. Moo has become quite the Independent Little Miss this year, after all, she is Year 3 now! She loves to try to do her own hair, until her frustration sets in when she realizes she can’t do in real life the hairstyle she is seeing in her head (I must admit, I still at 37 have this problem!)

I have quickly learnt that offering to help is totally NOT the solution. Sometimes I forget that I WAS born yesterday (according to Moo) and how could I possibly help! I have even you-tubed braiding because I thought this might bring our mother-daughter relationship closer, but no, braiding takes too long…because I am still learning!! Out of sheer exasperation one morning last week when hair brushes were flying and tears were flowing I explained to Moo about ‘bad hair days’. I don’t think 8 is too young to understand this concept. I told her how we all have bad hair days, no matter how hard we try with the style we want, sometimes a plain old pony is the way to go, and you can dress it up with a funky band. She loved it! An excuse to ‘just’ wear a pony tail. On slightly less bad hair days she will even do 2 pony tails. On good hair days she wants to do my hair…yikes!


So we help them through the ‘phases’ and as one phase comes to an end, another one is brewing. Sometimes we learn from their phases, I can now braid…somewhat… And sometimes we do well just to keep our sanity intact and not maim anybody during the ‘phase’. 

Keep calm…until the next phase!


Kylie x

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