Teenagers : Can live with them...CAN live without them!

Kylie West - Friday, August 16, 2013
 It’s funny through the process of getting the word about My Chart out there, how many responses I have had for a routine chart for teenagers. My natural response is “Isn’t that why wine was invented?” 

 I don’t have teenagers...
I am a bum fluff hair away from having one though, less than a year in real time. And I have been hoping his whole life that, because he was an ‘active’ little child who drove me to the brink most days, that he will be one of those beautiful teenagers that I can boast about to other Mums …

”…Oh no, my son isn’t doing THAT? He’s got a good head on his shoulders.”

Seriously, I want to be able to say that.

(Check back in 2-3 years, I will let you know how I am getting on with that! Look for me in the Sav Blanc aisle at my local Dan Murphy’s…) 

My Chart for Teenagers would probably only work if there was a $50 note attached to each Visual Card, or maybe the keys to the car. My Chart is about building those good routine practices now in our young ones so when they become teenagers, it is all just a natural habit. One can live in hope, or should I say one DOES live in hope because as soon as my boy has had his turn in the ‘teens’ Moo will be entering hers, and I have heard girls as teenagers are a whooooole other story.

So much to look forward to! Any advice is appreciated (or wine!!) 

Kylie x

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