I spent 3 days with my 8 year old...and learned a few things!

Kylie West - Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Yes, I really was dreading spending 3 WHOLE days with my daughter, in Sydney, by MYSELF.


Because she has attitude, is ALWAYS hungry and walks...really...s-l-o-w-l-y!

But! ... this trip is what I needed to understand my daughters behaviour.

Ordinarily we are madly dashing to school, madly dashing from school, madly scoffing afternoon tea to then madly dash to an afternoon activity...as my husband is a 'commuter' to another state most weeks, I usually have the pleasure of dealing with the evening meltdowns by myself because I can't cook dinner fast enough or someone is too tired to understand homework (usually me!!). My behaviour usually resembles that of my 8 year old by 8pm, and I just look forward to tomorrow being a fresh start!

So having some alone time with her, in another state, with fun activities planned was always going to be interesting...for both parties. She learned that I really am the cash cow that she thinks I am (why does everything cost so much?!?!) and I had a good opportunity to analyse her behaviour without the influences of her big brother, her beloved Dad and our insane routine.

And here is what I learned:
  • My daughter has a gorgeous sense of humour. She just 'gets it' and has the ability to see the lighter side of life.
  • She is observant and full of wonder and asks loads of questions!! (which I actually had time to answer!)
  • She loves to explore and make new friends...anywhere!! (I already knew this, but just forgot with the busyness of life. It was nice to see it all over again)
  • Walking slowly isn't all bad, and it doesn't matter how much I bribe she isn't going any faster!
  • I am starting a love affair with frozen yoghurt shops with yummy toppings!
The behaviour I thought I knew in my daughter isn't necessarily her behaviour but perhaps a product of her surrounds, and surprisingly I came to the same conclusion about my own behaviour. I was calm, fun and enjoyed my time with Moo. It made a change from the stressed, hurried, cranky Mum I had become by the end of term.

I need to take a leaf out of her book...no need to hurry, you will get there in the end, and no doubt a lot less stressed too!!

Kylie x
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