Creating a routine that works...Is it possible?

Kylie West - Sunday, September 01, 2013
YES! But there are terms and conditions to abide by such as ... you must be CONSISTENT, after all, that is the basis of a routine: consistently doing the same thing each time.

I had a friend honestly tell me over coffee the other week that while she loves the concept of My Chart, it simply would not work at her house as she just isn't motivated to follow it through each day. She could admit that if she isn't committed to implementing a routine system that works, then it will fail before it's started. And that's okay. My friend and her son still get up every day and get to school and work on time, just in their own 'un-routine' way.

For others though (such as myself!) routine is key to keeping it together. Developing a routine that works for your children doesn't just help them get ready on time, it has many other positive benefits.
  • Having a solid routine can:
  • Give confidence and comfort in knowing 'what comes next'
  • Allow your child to begin to do things for themselves.
  • In a school type setting the whole day is a routine, so kids with a good base routine will settle quicker than those without.
Mix up your routine a little though, or if you like to torture yourself, play with your kids head every now and then! Sounds nasty?? It's not really... read on ...

Yep, it gets a bit tricky. While routine is great, kids also need to be able to cope with change. Changing the order of your routine, or even adding or removing an activity can help build resilience in your child. Resilience is essential to being able to sufficiently cope in different situations. Resilience is also VERY IMPORTANT to build in little people WHILE THEY ARE LITTLE (but I will cover this in another blog space...)

Before embarking on your hunt for a routine, routine chart or routine method...ask yourself some simple questions to help you determine the best solution:
  • What do I want to achieve? - Getting out the door on time? OR Helping my child learn to do things for themselves?
  • Am I committed to following through? - Choose a system YOU are happy and comfortable to use.
  • Is this the right routine for MY child? - If your child is stubborn, dreamy or downright lazy (with selective hearing!) you need to be smart in your choice of method. Basically you need to be routine with your routine charts or kids will just get sick of trying something different all the time, and before you know it, you are in a state of chaos again.
But, maybe a chaotic routine is just what works for you!

Kylie x

"I start my morning routine by gently waking the sleeping beauty...sometimes known as the sleeping giant!"

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